Fall Grazing Blends

Grazing blends in short are truly just as they sound, they are intended and designed for livestock grazing. These blends are designed not only to provide outstanding forage, but enhance soil organic matter, improve soil tilth, enhance soil biology as well as well to suppress early spring weed competition. Depending on the composition of the blend, we can also provide adequate nitrogen fixation for subsequent forage crops.

These bends are extremely useful in permanent pasture programs, especial improved monoculture such as hybrid bermudagrass. These are truly multi-functional blends. Unlike true green manure type blends. These blends are intended to be utilized, not planted and terminated.  Therefore they literaraly pay for themselves many times over.

The products utilized in these blends are all tolerant to grazing and have all been tested and proven throughout South and Central Texas.

Clover/Medic Blends

For serious producers interested in planting  a multi-purpose forage blend this is the cream of the crop. These blends are designed to provide outstanding forage production and quality, enhance soil tilth, recycle nutrient as well as suppress weeds in the early spring with the added advantage of nitrogen fixation provided by the clovers and medics utilized in the blend.

These blends work well in permanent pastures especially hybrid bermudagrass. It is a great tool to introduced reseeding medics and clovers back into permanent pastures. The varieties utilized in these blends are selected based on soil types, soil pH and general location of the property. We work close with our customers to develop these blends and each blend is custom blended to fit the producer’s management needs as well as each individual property. Since all medics and clovers are pre-inoculated there is no hassle, and easy to plant.

Note; Before you plant this blend, it is important to have a current soil test, as well as past herbicide history on each field to be planted.

Soil buster Blend

This blend is designed to provide quick grazing, assit in improving soil tilth and  as well as assist in scavenging and recycling soil nutrients.  All products utilized in the blend will provide excellent forage especialy for cattle sheep and goats as well as assist in attracting wildlife.    

There are wedge lines of redwood from the historic Schwann Mansion in Santa Cruz and from MMA fighter Gray Maynard's house in Capitola, California.

The fin is made from cocobolo and rosewood from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. It also incorporates redwood reclaimed from John Steinbeck's house in Pacific Grove, California.

Images by Ventana Surf.