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What separates our blends from our competitors is that we develop our blends specifically for our target areas. We do not market state or nation wide, but focus on developing our products specificly in South and Central Texas. We cut no corners with the  Rackbuilder/Covey Call  Blends. We use only the highest quality and most adapted and newest product when developing our blends. All varieties and products incorporated in each blend have been proven and tested throughout our marketing area. We blend like seed size for easy planting, and make our blends as user friendly as possible. Unlike many companies , we do not formulate our blends on least cost formulation but rather to provide maximum performance and attactant. 

Our Blends are design to attract wildlife

Before your buy a Wildlife Blend read the tag. Its not the bag that matters but what is inside the bag.  

We developing each blend under the following Criteria:

  • Target Wildlife Species
  • Overall Forage Quality
  • Attractant Qualities
  • Period of Growth and Production
  • Geographical Location

Fall Wildlife Blends 

Racbuilder Fall BlednD

When it comes to quality, yield and overall maximum attraction, Rackbuilder Small Grain Legume Blend is truly the choice of hunters thoroughout South & Central Texas.

We cut no corners with the Rackbuilder Blends. We use only the highest quality, most adapted and newest product available when developing our products. All varieties and products utilized in this blend have been proven and tested throughout our marketing area. (Central, South & Gulf Coast regions of Texas).  

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Rackbuilder Plus

Rackbuilder is composed of a combination re-seeding medics,and annual clovers, with the addition of our Forage Plus chickory, This blend will provide a crude protein of about 20-24%. Will provide early and late season growth and overall is designed to bring them in nd keep them there .

The components utilized in the blend are well adapted throuout South and Central Texas and have all been proven and relished by whitetail Deer populations. The blend will performs best on a well drained sandy loam- Clay Loam soil with a pH of 6.0 - 7.5.  

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Custom Blending

At Parker Seed Company we take our work serious and we strive to keep our customers happy. In many situations our customers rely on us to help design their blends, However, we also have customers that have their own ideas or experience of what has worked best for them on their property so we offer this service, to help our customers meet their production needs.

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There are wedge lines of redwood from the historic Schwann Mansion in Santa Cruz and from MMA fighter Gray Maynard's house in Capitola, California.

The fin is made from cocobolo and rosewood from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. It also incorporates redwood reclaimed from John Steinbeck's house in Pacific Grove, California.

Images by Ventana Surf.

Fall  Wildlife Products