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Fall Wildlife

Rackbuilder Plus

Wildlife Blend

Planting Rate:

  (Row):    15-18 lbs/acre

  (Broadcast):  18-22  lbs/acre

Planting Depth:   1/2 inch

Preferred Soil Type: Sandy Loam- Clay Loam

Preferred Soil Ph: 6.0 -7. 5

Planting  Information

Planting Rate    

Turf Application: 1-2 lbs/1000 sq ft.

Planting Depth:    1/4 inches

Preferred Soil Type: Widely Adapted

Rainfall Requirements 18 +inches

We offer a full line of products for wildlife for the fall plantings. We develop our blends specifically for our target area, which is what separates our blends from our competitors. We do not market state or nation wide, but focus on our main target areas within South and Central Texas.

We cut no corners with the Magnum Rackbuilder Fall blends. We use only the highest quality and most adapted and newest product when developing our blends. All varieties and products incorporated in each blend have been proven and tested throughout our marketing area. (Central, South & Gulf Coast regions of Texas. )


Wildlife Blend

Planting  Information

  (Row):   60-65 lbs/acre

  (Broadcast):  65-70  lbs/acre

Planting Depth:   1-1 1/2 inch

Preferred Soil Type: Sandy- Clay Loam

Preferred Soil Ph: 5.5 -7.5



Fall Wildlife  Planting Guide & Usage Chart

The list of products below provides a list of  wildlife products available through Parker Seed Co.

* Please click on each variety to view product details.  

* The planting rates provided are based off full planting rates of each variety.

Products Available

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