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COver-Plus Vinyard/Orchard Floor Blend

● Outstanding nitrogen fixation
● Assist in reducing soil compaction and improves soil tilth
● Helps suppress weed pressure
● Excellent attractant for beneficial insects
● Like seed size for easy planting
● Developed specifically for South Central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas

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Cover plus vineyard and orchard floor blend is a low growing cover crop blend, designed especially for vineyard and orchard floor management.

Because of the diversity in soil type and environmental conditions within our marketing area. All Cover Plus low growing blends are custom blended to fit the needs of each individual customers property and management objectives.

These blends will assist in reducing soil compaction, suppress weed pressure in the spring as well as aid in attracting beneficial insects. In addition, the clover/medics in the blend will provide nitrogen for future use, many of the products utilized have strong re-seeding traits.

Planting INformation

Planting Rate 
8-12 lbs/acre
12-15 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1/4-1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy Loam- Clay
Perfered Soil pH
Flood Tolerance
Drought Tolerance:
Good- Excellent