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Cover Crop Blend

● Excellent Nitrogen Fixation
● High biomass production
● Improves Soil TIlth and Organic Matter
● Easy Termination
● Quick Growth

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Bio Crop spring blend is a balanced combination of mixed legumes, annual forages and forbes blened to provide a perfect combination to assist in improving soil tilth, provides excellent weed suppresssion as well as a assist in recycling nutrients and nitrogen fixation.

The products utilized in Bio-Crop Spring Blend are adapted to a variety of soils, but works best in a sandy loam to clay loam soil. It is not adapted to high pH /Alkaline clay soils or soils which are subjected to flooding.

Life Cycle: Annuals
Introduced/ Native: Introduced
Growth Habit: Blend ( MIx of bushtype, vining type erect type)
Height: 20-30 inches

Planting INformation:

Planting Rate 
25-30 Lbs/acre
35-40 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1-1/ 1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy -  Loam 
Perfered Soil pH
5-7 Ph
Rainfall Requirments
16 +inches