"Specializing in Clover & Legumes adapted throughout
South & Central Texas"


With over 25 years’ experience serving South and Central Texas . We sell what we know and know what we sell. At Parker Seed, we eat, sleep and breathe seed and aim to provide the best possible option to benefit our customers. We are seed specialists/agronomist, not just salesman or order takers. We have an extensive product line and we strive developed our product line specifically for our marketing area.

Service offered


Whether your planting a pasture blend, cover crop blend or you just have your own ideas on a custom wildlife blend we got you covered. With our extensive product line as well as our extensive knowledge and research we can assist in developing the perfect blend to meet your production and management needs.


As an agronomist, we are very familiar with the condition and environments of our marketing area. However, It is difficult at best to make a recommendation over the phone, or setting across from a counter discussing possible options. The fact remains that soil types, management practices as well as overall field conditions vary from farm or ranch as well as field to field. As a service to our customers, Parker Seed Company offers onsite field evaluation and consulting service to assist our customers in variety selection, field preparation, as well as overall assistance with all your planting and production needs. (Contact us directly for cost and fees associated with this service.)

superior products & customer service

At Parker Seed Co. it’s our product line as well as our Customer Service that set us apart from our competition. We are not a national company nor a box store company. We work hard to develop solid relationships with our customers and take the old approach that customers come first. We have not let technology change the way we do business nor how we work with our customers. We are not looking for that one time sale but work to develop solid relationships with our customers for years to come.


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