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Frostmaster  Winterpeas

● Outstanding Forage Production
● Low Tannin Levels
● Highly Palatable
● Improved Cold Tolerance
● Excellent Nitrogen Fixation

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Frostmaster Winter Peas are a small seeded forage pea selected for its outstanding forage quality and improved cold tolerance.

Frostmasters will grow into a long vine with large leaves producing good tonnage of very palatable forage. Frostmaster Winter Peas are an annual dual purpose legume used to produce organic matter and nitrogen or as forage.

Frostmaster Winter Peas are white flowered, which indicates the absence of tannin. Tannin is a compound that creates a bitter taste in plants. Due to the lack of tannin, Frostmaster peas are very sweet, unlike the majority of winter peas and spring peas, making them perfect for wildlife.

Planting INformation

Planting Rate 
30-40 lbs/acre
40-50 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1-1 1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy Loam- Clay Loam
Perfered Soil pH
Flood Tolerance
Drought Tolerance:
Fair -Good