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● Good forage production
● Provides high protein forage suitable for livestock and wildlife
● Excellent for cover crop and or green manure. crop
● Excellent nitrogen fixation
● Good re-growth

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Life Cycle: Annual
Introduced/ Native: Introduced
Growth Habit: Bunch Type
Plant Height: 20-30 inches


Red Ripper Cowpeas high yielding veining type annual warm season legume adapted through most of the southern states. Cowpeas can be used as forage, hay, and silage and is suitable for all classes of livestock and wildlife. When used as forage, it should only be lightly grazed after flowering. If there are several buds left after defoliation, the plant will regenerate.
Due to its rapid growth and nitrogen fixing capabilities, cowpeas are an excellent choice for cover crop or green manuring.

They can be grown on a variety of soil types but prefer sandy loam - clay loam soil. However, they will not tolerate waterlogged soils. Cowpeas should be planted when soil temperatures are around 70 degrees, usually around April - Mid April.

Planting INformation:

Planting Rate 
25-30 Lbs/acre
35-40 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1-1 1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy -  Loam 
Perfered Soil pH
5-7 Ph
Rainfall Requirments
16 +inches