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VANHORN Green Sprangletop

● Provide good quality forage
● Good drought tolerance
● Provides quality forage and or hay for all classes of livestock
● Provides good cover for deer and provides nesting and cover sites for game birds

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Life Cycle: Perennial
Introduced/ Native: Native
Growth Habit: Bunch Grass
Plant Height:  24-36 inches


Van horn Green Sprangletop is a short lived native perennial bunchgrass. Is can reach heights of 2-4 feet tall under favorable soil and moisture conditions. The spreading appearance of the seed-head gives this grass its common name. Van horn is adapted to most soil types. It has good drought tolerance and is adapted to most climatic conditions.

Van Horn is a very leafy, palatable and drought tolerant selection. It provides good grazing for all classes of livestock. It establishes quickly and easily, and is best used as a nurse crop in a native blend or seed mixture. The vegetative cover offers good surface protection on land subject to erosion (especially sandy soils).

Planting INformation:

Characteristics & Ratings

Planting Rate 
1.7-2 pls Lbs/acre
2-3 pls  lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
 1/4 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Widely Adapted 
Rainfall Requirments
18 +inches