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● Excellent drought tolerance.
● Provides excellent quality forage and or hay for all classes of livestock
● High Forage Yield
● Long Growing Season compared to other warm season grasses

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Life Cycle: Perennial
Introduced/ Native: Introduced
Growth Habit: Bunch Grass
Plant Height: 36-40 inches


Gordo bluestem is an introduced warm season perennial bunchgrass which spreads by seed, . Stems are purplish green and upright, with some tending to lie prostrate the first season. Seedlings are vigorous, root quickly under favorable conditions and can establish a solid stand the first year. Gordo does not start rapid growth until summer, but grows later into the fall than bermudagrass or other warm season grasses. Very palatable in rotational situations even after dormancy.

Planting INformation:

Characteristics & Ratings

Planting Rate 
2-3 pls Lbs/acre
3-5 pls  lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
 1/4 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Clay Loam - Clay 
Perfered Soil pH
6.5 +
Rainfall Requirments
18 +inches