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common  Bermudagrass

● Excellent drought tolerance.
● Provides good quality forage and or hay
● Excellent erosion control
● Can be used as a turf or forage
● Persistant

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Common Bermudagrass is an introduced, warm season, long-lived perennial with a spreading growth habit. It propagates by runners, underground rootstocks and seed. The runners vary from a few inches to 3 or 4 feet in length, and under favorable conditions they may grow 15 to 20 feet in a season. The leaves are short, flat, bluish-green, and 1 to 4 inches long.

Common Bermudagrass grows well on almost any soil that is fertile and not too wet. It thrives in hot weather and grows through the southern regions on the United States.

Planting INformation:

Planting Rate 
6- 8lbs/acre
8-10  lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
 1/4 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy Loam - Clay Loam 
Perfered Soil pH
5.5 - 7.5
Rainfall Requirments
18 +inches