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Elite  Berseem Clover

● Late maturing full seaon legume
● Slender, hollow branched stems and trifoliate leaves
● Not known to cause bloat
● Vigorous winter growth with lush growth in spring
● Offers excellent forage quality with multiple cuttings or grazing
● Adapted to waterlogged soil

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Life Cycle: Annual
Introduced/ Native: Introduced
Growth Habit: Erect
Plant Height:  12 -18 inches


Elite II Berseem Clover is an erect, late maturing, soft-seeded, annual clover, suited for grazing/ hay and wildlife forage in high or medium rainfall areas or under irrigation. ELite II Berseem produces slender, hollow, branched stems and trifoliate leaves. It has vigorous winter and spring growth. It is particularly productive on heavy soils and can withstand periods of waterl-ogging. Berseem Clover, also known as Egyptian Clover, is sometimes referred to as annual alfalfa because it produces very high quality protein fodder, similar to that of alfalfa.The added benefit of Berseem Clover is that it is not known to cause bloat. UNlike varieties such as balady, and other single cut berseem varieties, Elite II Berseem is a multi cut berseem, which will provide multiple grazing or hay cuttings from late winter to late spring. To maximize forage production, stands should be planted in the fall as early as possible.

Planting INformation

Planting Rate 
8-10 lbs/acre
10-12 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1/4-1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy Loam- Clay
Perfered Soil pH
Flood Tolerance
Good -Excellent
Drought Tolerance: