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Strathwood  Persian Clover

● Prostrate to semi-prostrate, self regenerating annual clover
● Early-mid season maturity, as early as 68 days to flowering(average 114 days to flowering)
● High hard seed level - excellent regeneration
● Tolerates water-logging and mild soil salinity
● Suitable for hay and grazing

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Strathwood is a new and exciting hard seeded Persian clover that has a semi-prostrate growth habit and demonstrates early to mid season maturity. It has an indeterminate flowering habit and can take full advantage of seasonal rains late in the season. Strathwood produces a large number of thin walled, hollow stems with smaller leaves, which contribute to the plants prostrate appearance. It is well adapted to a wide range of soil from sandy loam to heavy alkaline clay soils. Strathwood will also tolerate water logging and mild soil salinity.

Strathwood persian clover is very palatable and is highly digestible (16-21% crude protein). It is well suited to hay or grazing and is preferred by all classes of livestock and wildlife.

Planting INformation

Planting Rate 
8-10 lbs/acre
10-12 lbs/ acre
Planting Depth:
1/4-1/2 inch
Perfered Soil Type:
Sandy Loam- Clay
Perfered Soil pH
Flood Tolerance
Good -Excellent
Drought Tolerance: